Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dead Weight Teammate

I'd imagine from an outsider's point of view, I might appear to be a decent teammate.  I'm guessing (and this is all pure speculation) that when it comes to choosing someone with whom to work on a project or assignment, one might think, "She doesn't seem to be stupid, and she always has a story, so...what the heck...I'll team up with her."  And (again, speculation), while I'm pretty sure I'm not stupid and I'm certain that I always have a story, turns out I'm a lousy teammate.

This semester entails an inordinate amount of group projects.  One in medical nutrition, one in advanced, one three-parter in food systems management and two in experimental foods.  This means a crazy sum of our senior grades depend on our ability to play well with others.

I'm really lucky in three of those classes to have been placed with/chosen by responsible, upstanding, organized, PowerPoint savvy students.  They, however, are probably beginning to think they drew the short straw.  Yesterday while working on one project, I was unable to find a single important piece of paper in my folder while Young Miss whipped out her detailed notes, syllabus and textbook, all the while tweaking the presentation as I scrambled to catch my breath.  And...sheesh...an assignment that I'd turned in via the net for that three-parter The Valedictorian and I have been charged with...well...the instructor returned it today.  Um...it's a good thing points will be awarded when the final draft is submitted. After The Valedictorian's fabulous additions to my measly contribution, she sent it to me, suggested I check it, make changes I thought necessary and then forward it to the teacher.  Naturally, I was tickled with her work, then submitted the project.

Ooops, I sent my first draft.

I have to wonder what the instructor thought when she read phrases like, "OMG. I forgot the name!" and "xx%" in what should have been an intelligible page of text. 

All that said, I can take comfort in knowing I'm not the worst partner in the dietetics class of 2011.  That title is reserved for one of my two teammates in yet another class (and two giant projects).  So while I quietly fume (but have been caught more than once in a full-on tizzy) about the gross ineptitude of that person, I have to hope that the same angry ranting isn't being done in my name.

May I please blame this on the stroke?


Jamie said...

You are a great teammate! I was just watching the fudge episode of Good Eats and reminiscing about our candy making day. Remember when I licked the spoon out of the 236 degree fudge? Ouch.

Jess said...

I'm still giggling about the fact that we turned in a thing that said "OMG."


hehehehehehe :)

tz said...

I hate hate hate group projects...There are times I would like to mail out chill pills to my team mates! hopefully you were able to turn in the correct project