Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sticky Dates

Mark and I have a standing date of sorts.  Every other Sunday evening, we share dinner with his father.  Most often, we invite Geoff to Mark's place and we cook a meal, but tonight, he invited us to his.  He made a lovely meal of chicken baked with apples, green beans, and for dessert, a spectacular [gluten-free] sticky date pudding (*). It was out of this world.  In my caramelized sugar fueled food buzz, I said I might even give up chocolate having been introduced to such a magnificent concoction.  Mark brought me down from my ledge very carefully and  I'm alright now.  (If you have already ordered a Deluxe Chocolate Dreams jewel box from Harry & David for my xmas gift, please know that I will gladly receive it.)

But...sticky dates.  Funny that should come up today.

Mark and I have been together for a year.  Maybe as of tomorrow when we cemented our exclusivity.  Maybe as of two weeks ago when I sheepishly asked for his hand in renewed friendship.  Or maybe our friendship is the marker for our anniversary, which we could say started the day we broke up as a romantic couple the first time. Or maybe we should mark the date of our first kiss.  But what about the day our gaze first met over a loaf of freshly baked bread?  Or perhaps the moment we became official on facebook... (Yes, I do know every one of these exact dates, mostly because I remember what I blogged about on each of these occasions -- even the break up one, which had nothing to do with any sort of a break up...pride can be a bitch, you know)

I don't think I'm one to get up in arms about anniversaries, (though I could be mistaken).  Would I even know or care about this if I didn't keep my Mountain in reasonable order?  Possibly.  I guess what I'm getting at is that while it doesn't so much matter when we got together, it does matter that we're together.  The last twelve months have been the most challenging of my life scholastically, but by far the happiest personally.  Mark makes it very easy to be in love with him.  He's sweet and sincere.  Handsome and helpful.  Trusting and trustworthy.  Honest, responsible, gentle, intelligent, silly, competitive, fit, sensitive, strong, I could go on... 

So I'm taking this short break from homework to wish my sweetheart a happy anniversary...or not.  The date is somewhat sticky, after all.

* In my upbringing, "pudding" meant adding milk to a powder from a box, mixing it for a bit, and if we were really feeling crazy, we might add milk to powder from an envelope, whip it for three minutes and create a wonder of chemistry and physics called "Dream Whip."  (I'm not complaining -- this was quite a treat, but as the science junkie that I now purport to be, I have to wonder what on earth that stuff was). 

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Casey said...

Congratulations, my dear! The only depressing thing in all of this is that you two have been together for a year, and I've yet to meet him! This is depressing for me. But probably very lucky for him! :o) Maybe I'll get an introduction this weekend?