Saturday, December 11, 2010

Break Out

I made it to the other side of the semester. Alive. I remember complaining about last spring as though it was the meanest 16 weeks I'd come to know.  Turns out, Spring 2010 was Fall 2010's weakling kid brother.  That said, I'm growing weary of hearing myself complain about those five miserable classes, so I'll tell myself the same thing I have each time I exit my final final.  Next semester will be easier.

Whether accurate or  not, it is what I choose to believe to protect myself from implosion.

Here are some truths to back up my hypothesis.
  • I will be driving only two days a week to Warrensburg. That's $800 I won't be spending on gasoline and 80 hours I can dedicate to more productive sleeping and watering the houseplants.
  • The classes I'm taking are reportedly easier than those I just experienced.  According to the instructor, Medical Nutrition II is easier than Med I.  Supposedly the same goes for Advanced Food Systems Management.  Two classes are online, one at JCCC, and Community Nutrition has a reputation for being "a joke."
  • It will be my last semester of undergrad.  There is a piece of parchment and a cap and a gown and a celebration following whatever this term brings. "Celebration" should probably be in all caps, bold, italics and multicolored...and perhaps jiggling about the screen excitedly.  The end of this term calls for one heckuva party -- if only in my head. 
So I'm on my "break."  I have to immediately cram for my GRE and take it, hopefully before year's end. As I see it, that should give me a nice ten day vacation between crossing that milestone and wrapping up this adventure that should have ended many, many years ago. 

P.S.  I haven't forgotten about the whole public-humiliation-weight-loss thing.  Nor have my pants.