Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Been Pretty Boring Lately...

It's been more than two months since I landed abruptly in my last "Jennifer Adventure." Crashed Viv.  Missed the (intended) marathon.  Upended plans that had been made many months before.  Affected friends and family, inconvenienced emergency services, held up traffic. Y' normal routine.

That means I've been more than overdue for a jolt of some variety.  Last year, I spent my winter break dealing with the aftermath of the stroke.  This year I was hoping to prevent further brain and/or bodily damage.  But what could happen to me that would keep myself and my loved ones on our toes without burdening the health care system?

I've got it!  A financially crippling car issue!  Whew.  I was concerned that I might continue along with my lame, uneventful life with nary a story to tell.

But just as with the stroke, the heart surgery, the scooter crash and all the other ridiculosities that are carefully woven into my life, I needed to drag some friends into it. I need witnesses, after all.'s this?  En route to the airport with someone with connecting flights and shuttles to catch.  Pretty good, huh?  Alright.  Now, how?  Flat tire?  Nah, I can change one of those in twelve minutes.  Out of gas?  Those state roadside guys are pretty good.  That won't do.  Transmission failure?  Oh yeah.  That will prevent progress like nobody's business.

That was my Tuesday.  I picked up Mark's dad, Geoff (after I talked him out of hiring a shuttle) to get him to the airport.  About ten minutes into our ride, my tranny started slipping here and there.  I was quietly panicking, but outwardly confident that at the very least Hot Red Speed would get him to his flight on time.  We lost overdrive, but I was able to continue in 3rd gear for another ten miles or so.  Then it was clear that she wasn't going to get us to our destination.  I pulled to the side of the road, took a coupla deep breaths and assured Geoff we'd get him to his first flight on time.

Thank goodness for smart phones!  I was able to google a cab service near the airport who promised they could get Geoff to the airport on time (which they did).  I then wrangled a tow for Hot Red Speed. Waiting for the tow gave me a few minutes to call The Fab Miss Kristen for a mechanic referral (her guy has a guy). Arrangements were made.  We found our way back to our neck-o-the-woods.  Mr. X picked me up from the shop. Mark brought me lunch.

Hot Red Speed's gonna need her transmission rebuilt.  $1200 - $1500. Happy Holidays.
  • Coming soon:  Seeking Silver Linings.


Jamie said...

Let's host a bake sale to raise funds for a new tranny!

Billy Jo said...

I had the same problem happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't even made it a block from my house when my transmission decided first gear was fine. This is definitely not the best time of year for this.