Saturday, December 4, 2010

Riddled with Foibles

So as long as I score somewhere between a 35.2% and a 98.5% on my Medical Nutrition final, I'll end up with a B on my transcripts.  I don't know if doing the math was a good plan or a bad one.  It would be so easy to enjoy the other four As from the semester and take the next five days with nary a worry.

But a B?  Seriously?  Do you know how much I detest Bs?  Gaarrrgggh!  I won't have it!

While the spring when I took microbiology at the same time as organic/biochemistry was a bear, this semester has been some variety of yet unnamed sasquatch type creature. With rabies. And a stubbed toe.  You know how distressing a stubbed toe is?  Well, imagine being misunderstood and lonely out in the forest with rabies and a stubbed toe.  You'd be pretty mean, huh?  Yup.  That kinda semester.

One more week of presentations and finals.  Three days until I subject myself to the moment of truth test and challenge my reputation as a straight A student.

I'll be honest.  I probably don't deserve an A.  There are only a few select students in the class who get it.  They can listen, absorb, read, retain, and regurgitate.  I, on the other hand, look at an awkwardly worded multiple choice question and break out in hives.  Perhaps I would see the world and school and life a little differently if I weren't friends with The Valedictorian.  I certainly would be able to take a 3.0 x 3 credit hours with a little less panic were my old grades not so riddled with foibles.

But riddled with foibles they are, so study I must. Don't expect a peep out of me until after next Thursday.


Casey said...

Thinking wonderful thoughts for you and sending prayers your way for a fabulous end to your semester. I am sure that you deserve an A. Remember, my friend, there are many different ways to "get it" besides just being able to give the "right answer" on command. Looking forward to a long chat and visit after your semester is concluded. Vino on me!

Jamie said...

You're way too smart (and pretty) for a B.

Jamie said...

P.S. Foibles may be my new favorite word.