Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a Wrap

A nice orderly review of last year is past due, I suppose.  2010 played its role well in my new life.  I'm not feeling particularly orderly today, however, so please bear with me...

Mark and I shared a trip around the sun together and it was awfully sweet.  I still miss him when we're apart, which I'd suppose means it's not yet time for us to move in together.  Liking someone enough to long for him is pretty cool.

I filled the calendar with school in 2010.  Spring, summer and fall semesters all took turns kicking my arse.  Night classes, driving to and from Warrensburg (14,560 miles by my calculations), papers, presentations, micro experiments gone awry, irrational instructors and group projects helped me meet and exceed my annual stress quota.

A long running theme through the year was, well, running.  Mark and I set out hoping to do 26.2 in Lincoln in May, but unfavorable training conditions (the harshest, wettest winter in recent history) along with his mother's illness postponed our marathon plans.  We both conquered (or endured) the Hospital Hill half in June, then Kansas City's full in October and I followed up with the Gobbler Grind half.  I wish I'd have more accurately recorded my training.  It would be interesting to see how many miles my legs logged.

Before I could run that marathon, I needed to shake things up a bit.  Eighteen weeks (actually, more like 35, but who's counting?) of training wrapped on a cool Friday morning at about 7 a.m.  By 10:30, Viv and I found ourselves stopping traffic on Johnson Drive, sprawled about the street, both bruised and battered.  The Mother Road Marathon that Mark and I had planned to run was only two days away -- needless to say, we didn't make it.  By Sunday morning, I was itching to get moving and made a triumphant return to the roads.  My bruises complained a bit, but not enough to stop me from signing up for the KC marathon the following weekend.  Viv didn't fare quite as well and was totaled in the accident, but I'm happy to report that Scooter Steve rescued her from salvage and is fixing her up over the winter for his main squeeze so that Viv may continue to bring joy to the world.

A startling event this year was the loss of Mark's mom.  While I only knew Di for a few short months, I grew to love her almost as soon as I met her.  I think I will always tear up when I hear Waltzing Matilda; it rang from the cathedral pipe organ as her memorial service ended.  At the family dinner when she requested it be played, she confidently stated,  "I've lived a full life and I'm not afraid to die."  I hope I can face my last days surrounded by family and filled with the knowledge that I have led a giving, loving life.

The aftermath of my stroke kept me at KU Med more than your average medical student.  I enrolled in a randomized controlled trial with the cardiology department and fell to the side who received complimentary heart patches.  The procedure was slightly more complicated than darning socks (but way easier than inserting a zipper) and the staff at Midwest Cardiology we're very good to me. I wept over gray broccoli and had to suspend marathon training for two weeks, but the experience was otherwise fabulous.

I did a little something I like to call Turning Forty this summer (everyone should do it at least once).  I didn't dread it for a moment and proudly announce my age to anyone who will listen.  There was a party. There was cake. There was honeyed goat cheese.  Sangria, fig and olive tapenade, friends, laughter, and a fabulous time too. I realize it's no great feat to have a birthday, but it was fantastically fun and I promise to make less of a fuss for my next few age adjustments.

I experienced a whole new world when Mrs Diggs took me to Chicago as a birthday gift. She and I share a friendship that is almost indescribable.  That I have found someone who shares my love of kitsch and quirk is as beautiful a discovery as I can imagine.  For three days we giggled and played and giggled and walked and giggled and ate and giggled and drank and giggled and shopped and giggled.  If my long-term financial plan of action pans out (it's very complex -- graduate and get a job), perhaps I'll be able to return the favor for her next monumental birthday.
All said, the ups and downs  added up to a decent twelve months.  Last year's resolutions didn't fare particularly well. I didn't keep my 4.0, I did end up in the ER, I didn't drop any poundage and I did kill a houseplant (though it was outside at the time of death, so that one is a bit iffy).  On the positive side, I managed to be a bit more organized, I completed a marathon and I'd like to think I logged a few more "good mom" hours than in years past.  I'm not feeling particularly compelled to compose a list of promises that can't be kept, so I'll just head into 2011 knowing I'm going to earn my bachelor's degree in May and will start grad school and/or an internship in August.  Quite frankly, that seems like plenty to me.  I tend to add challenges as the days and months pass whether I plan them or not.

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tz said...

great recap! and hey that you were able to honor any of your resolutions is a good thing!