Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silver Linings. Finally.

Something's amiss.

My exhibitionist ways have been quelled.  I've sat silent for most of this unfortunate break.  Stressed.  Tired.  Stressed.  The van is running once again (if you need a car guy, I've got a great car guy now). So back to those silver linings I promised: there were many...

--Geoff got to the airport on time.

--It was a sunny day.

--As previously mentioned, I was toting Mark's father to the airport, which left his car unused for four days.  Mark borrowed his, I borrowed Mark's Prius.  When Geoff returned, Karen graciously offered her Bug for my unlimited use.  I think that went on for four more days until Hot Red Speed was finished.  I loved driving compacts.  I loved not paying for rentals.

--If you've been following my life for more than five minutes, you know that money is a constant worry and each penny's use is planned months in advance.When this tragedy struck, my parents quickly offered a loan to cover the massive expense. The river of philosophical differences between us did not stop them from coming to my rescue. I can't properly express how much this means to me.  I hope my children are independently wealthy by the time they reach their forties, but more than that, I hope I can offer them the same safety net that mine have for me if their futures take an unexpected turn...or eight.

So the car runs.  If I need another tranny before I replace her with a newer, sleeker, non-minivan model, I will have made some disastrous choices in the coming years.  I graduate from college this year, after all...but that's another post for another day.  I'll pencil it in for three weeks from now.

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