Monday, February 7, 2011

The Mark Spark

It's what I was seeking back in my lonely single days.  After any given date, I would catch up with whichever friend would listen and we'd review whether or not said date and I had The Mark Spark.   That's the name I'd given to that feeling -- the magic of an instant connection. There was something the very moment Mark and I met, and just a few hours later, the energy between us was palpable and must have looked akin to one of those plasma balls.  As for the first kiss...well...had there been any kindling within five feet of us, I'm sure we would have set the Blue Bird Bistro afire.

I adamantly claimed during the fifteen months between Chapter One and Chapter Two of our relationship that I was not looking to find Mark's clone (yes, I'm well aware now that I was lying to myself) -- I just knew that I wanted to feel warm and sparkly about a guy if I was going to bother with date #2.  And the ka-zing that Mark and I shared from the moment our eyes met over a loaf of fresh-baked bread was what I demanded.

Yesterday, however, The Mark Spark redefined itself.  He and I were each working away at our computers in separate corners of his basement when I shuffled over to him to offer a gentle kiss.  And instead of a soft, affectionate gesture, we each were hit by an electric shock that threw us apart and left our lips smarting.  After a few seconds and a sincere apology on my part, Mark touched my waist and then offered another kiss -- this time, without the bite.

I guess this gives new meaning to staying grounded in a relationship.

P.S. I almost forgot.  Avocado Virus.

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Jamie said...

I love this post. Love.

And I'm pretty sure my last avocado had a virus!!! For real.