Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not a Hypothetical Warning

If this were a hypothetical warning, you'd be asked to keep your fluff in a safe place anytime I was in your vicinity. This is not a hypothetical warning. This is a real one.

I only keep up with a small handful of blogs. The People and Places I Dig sidebar keeps me apprised of new postings on friends sites.  Last week, Running Jamie posted a picture of a fire truck in front of her house (she's been known to set portions of her kitchen afire more than once), so I quickly scrolled down and read that her carbon monoxide alarm had sounded and she had to call in the F.D. to find the leak (I'll let you read the story if you want the exciting consclusion).

Imagine my surprise just a few days later when A-Dub reported the same phenomenon.  This is a not-so-awesome theme threading through my friends' lives. So I'm pretty sure it's now my appointed duty to alert you to the risks of living in a house in the wintertime.

Time to build an igloo!  Oh, never mind. There might be a simpler solution.

Check your carbon monoxide detector. Check its battery.  Don't have one? Buy one. (I'm buying one right now -- I guess I lost mine in the divorce.) It's cheap. It could save your life...though if you roll like the rest of my friends, it's more likely to end up causing [life saving] embarrassment.


Jamie said...

Yes, good advice. Also good to remember to pick up your underwear because if they come, those firemen will go in every room.

Casey said...

Maybe THAT's why EVERYONE in my house is acting like an idiot. Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Putting a detector on the list for the next trip to Wal Mart.