Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Tell the Truth

Okay! Okay! Okay!  I'll do it!!!

Historically, it has tended to take an outlandishly long time for me to make any sort of tangible move.  Glance back to, what, four years ago? Mr. X: "I want a separation." Me: "Um, I don't believe you." Nearly two years later, I finally moved out.  Twenty years ago... Me: "Hmmmmm. I wonder what I want to do when I grow up." Eighteen years later...epiphany.  Three months ago: Me: "Wow. I'd better do something about my growing arse." Today: "Uuuuhhhh.  Okay."

My promise from last fall has been on my mind for awhile now.  A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed the body fat analyzer at work and gave it a good long squeeze.  I told it what I weighed (146 lbs.) I told it how tall I was (5'5 1/2") and it told me that my body fat percentage was 28.7% and my BMI was 23.8.  None of these numbers surprised me.

I told you numbers just like I promised. Now for the pictures.  Here's my new-ish thrift store...I mean, Banana Republic little black dress.  I would like to wear it in public. I think I would look smashing in it -- if it weren't so busy smashing me. So here I am, trying to break free from a size six dress (I cannot take a full inhalation).  My hope is that in a few months I can post a photo of the dress and I getting along on friendlier terms (perhaps under a graduation gown...).

So what am I doing to make these numbers shrink?  I'm keeping a food diary.  If I am accountable for what I put in my mouth, I'm much more likely to think twice about offing 3/4 of a bag of conversation hearts. (It happened. I'm not proud.) I have had a food log on my phone for more than a year now. After I loaded it, I didn't open it for three months.  Then one day I just did it. And for two weeks or so, I did a fabulous job of logging each meal and snack. It made exercise more fun because it automatically added the extra calories that I could eat for that day.  Then summer school started.  A cooking class. So I cooked.  And tasted.  And nibbled.  And ate.  And at the end of each day, I had no idea how to log those calories and nutrients.  So I quit tracking.

A few months later, a gal at the gym suggested another food log app.  I loaded it.  I have yet to give it a glance.  And then a few days ago at school, one of the guys in my major told me about a diet analysis program that his girlfriend had introduced him to.  It is significantly easier to use than the app that dietetics students so often are forced to use (and it surely crashes less often), and it has an iPhone app that continuously syncs with it to boot. So this morning as I was laying around feeling the extra poundage pool around my frame, I uploaded LiveStrong's MyPlate and logged my breakfast. Game on.

So now to further cement my commitment, I post this. My goal: to look awesome in that dress. I don't know how much weight loss that will take...fifteen-ish pounds? I'm more concerned with dropping the BMI and body fat percentage to a place where the trainer at work will say, "That's good!" instead of "That's good for your age."


Casey said...

You go, Girl!! I was having these same thoughts today. Ditto on the conversation hearts! The other thing that I absolutely DESPISE hearing is you look really good...for having four kids. Like that automatically lowers the bar or something. Can't wait to see you in your black dress at graduation!!

Chgoest said...

Best of luck to you but I think you look good just the way you are. And your weight seems fine. You are even below the highest weight allowed for your height.

You are strong from exercise, and your life is full with your kids, Mark and school. With so many positives to focus on, why add more to your plate?

At graduation, I will be cheering for the way you tackled the RD program and how beautiful you look holding the diploma in your hand.

Jamie said...

Girl, you look good! And I'm sorry if I contributed to the mess of a summer class with my Taco Bell demands.

tz said...

okay so glad I read this, you'll be my inspiration because I got off the diet band wagon myself and need to get back ON! (of course I have waaaaay more to lose) still look great where you are!