Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Waiting...

"Um...I've never worked fine dining and my product knowledge is a bit scanty, but I'm forty so I've lived long enough to know how to charm folks and make them happy."

"Well, that's 90% of the job. When can you start?"

It was just that simple...more or less. I also had an in.  Thanks to the goodwill of Carpool Lou, plus my thirty-second interview, I now am a part-time server (and a part-time fitness instructor and a full-time student, not to mention mother, girlfriend, classmate, friend and housekeeper extraordinaire mediocre dishwasher.)

I realized a week or so ago that my student loan fundage is running low, and even if I do get the internship or go to grad school, there won't be more cash in that account until August.  While I would love to find a gig in nutrition and fitness right after graduation, I'm just enough of a realist to know that a backup plan is not a bad idea (hearing horror stories on NPR every morning about educated folks unemployed for months on end is probably a healthy dose of reality for an otherwise living-in-a-fantasy-world kinda girl).

So I now have a job. I started today. It will be fine.

But I will also take Spinning Marcy's advice and go to Career Services at school to see if they have any amazing connections for degree-appropriate gigs in the KC area.  I will also listen to anyone who has a suggestion for a more fitting job that might carry me through until I earn those prestigious initials, R. and D.

But mostly I've learned (from this photo) that I'm going to have to find a way to charm my clientele without smiling. Where on earth did those lines around my eyes come from?!?!?


Chgoest said...

You look great! I bet you charmed the pants off everyone. Any cute guys sit in your section?

Jamie said...

Nice! I too look forward to the day when I can work a job that is related to my degree. Until then, you gotta do what you gotta do! :)

Ellen McDonald said... what are you doing and where are you doing it? tips girlfriend, tips!!! Congrats!

Sam said...

Did you mention your DQ experience?