Monday, April 4, 2011

Plan B

Last January, I realized that the internship required in order to sit for the R.D. exam was a seriously hot commodity -- only about half of applicants make the cut. This fact has been a great stressor in my life for the last fifteen months. I have silently panicked about it. I have lost sleep over it. I have had full-on eating binges because of it. 

For a student who is able to relocate, the odds are improved.  For a student whose undergrad is from a well-regarded dietetics program, the odds are improved. For a student who didn't completely jack up her grade point average when she was an idiot teenager, the odds are improved. See where I'm going here?

This is not a story about beating the odds. I did not get an internship.

This is not the end of my journey, however.

I can work as a waitress at Plaza III. I can go to grad school at KU Med. I can get my personal trainer certification and become a Wellness Goddess (Mark's words, but I'm keeping them). I can reapply for an internship in a year. I can explore the numerous other options that I have yet to discover.

On a seemingly different subject, tonight Mark and I went to a book signing. One of his high school classmates called last night to inform him she'd be in town promoting her children's book. She penned a manuscript, got it published, and not long after, received a phone call that it had won the Newbery Award. This is a really freaking big deal. Think Bridge to Terabithia, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and Summer of the Swans. This was her first published book. She worked hard at it -- for six years while she reared four children. She has actively been writing for seventeen years, attempted to get a previous manuscript published, and was told no.

So she wrote another.

That's a little something I like to call Plan B.

I'm working on my own Plan B right now. My journey thus far has not been a cake walk, but I wouldn't turn back for anything. I have made some remarkable changes in the last two years, and in a mere 33 days, I will cross a stage as a graduate with a bachelor's of science degree. And while I didn't get the internship on a long shot, that misstep opens up a whole new world of unfathomably fabulous Plan Bs.

And really, would you have expected anything less than a detour or two for this gal?


Jamie said...

You are really inspiring. :)

tz said...

my sister-in-law is an RD, she ended up being a stock broker for a couple of years then found a great RD job...twists and turns and you never know what life will give you. you see to do a great job at enjoying the journey!