Thursday, June 23, 2011


This month has been pretty quiet on the old blog-front.  Historically, June has been declared "Birthday Month" and I fuss about reinvention and me-me-me and take the time to draw even more attention to myself than usual. I think it was the 3rd or 4th before I even realized it was time to turn the page on the calendar. My gaze has been so focused on my job hunt and its accompanying stresses that I didn't take time to reflect on leaving Forty behind until just before bed last night.

It was a fantastic year. So fantastic, in fact, that I'm a bit nervous about out-doing it.  Going into Forty, I had clear expectations, and they came to fruition: run a marathongraduate from college. Heart surgerygetting hit by a car while on the scooter and having the transmission fail on the van aside, it was undoubtedly the greatest year of my life.

And so as I was hitting the sack and reflecting on the year and my life and my path, I see that I might very well finally be a grown-up. I have my college degree. I'm [desperately] seeking a real job.

So what do I have to look forward to now? Well, very soon I will have a grown-up job with a grown-up paycheck and grown-up responsibilities. That means I will start paying my student loans, socking away money into savings and retirement accounts, offering my children opportunities like team sports and music lessons, and maybe even getting the cat in for a checkup (news flash: she's overweight).

So while I can't run my first marathon again, and I can't earn my first college degree again, I can continue to enjoy new and fantastic experiences, like paying my bills on time and getting regular oil changes.

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whoinsamhill said...

Seems like all that happened to you this year took years. Thanks for sharing your story.