Saturday, June 11, 2011

Run Like a Girl!

Tears welled in my eyes as I read my email that April morning. Nine-year-old Princess Pearl had sent me an invitation to run my first 5K with her...on Mother's Day. That she was eager to share one of my greatest passions was almost too much for my weary-from-school head to comprehend.

We'd run together once before. She was a natural. Her pace was comfortable and confident. She had stamina that left me envious. She ran two miles without any breaks and felt great afterward. A 5K would be a breeze with only a bit more training.

It just so happened that this 5K was the day after graduation, so Casey and her youngest would be at my house for the celebration -- and the race. Princess Pearl was thrilled to have her long-time (and by that I mean friends since they were two years old) friend J run with her, and I was naturally tickled to hit the road again with Casey (no need to do the friends-since math here). A 3rd grade classmate and her even younger sister were also participating with their mom, so we were working the whole friends + fitness = fun equation to the third degree.

The morning after the graduation party came at an ungodly hour, but we all arose to the task, excited to participate in a girls-only run. The weather was delightful and once we were armed with coffee, we headed out.

While I have a propensity to ramble, I think I'll let the photos do the work today...
Smart AND Strong!

Go, runners, GO!

Best finish line expression EVER

First-time 5K runners get tiaras!

McPherson's finest

Like mothers, like daughters

We resisted making faces (in front of the camera)
I'm so proud off the little ones for participating and finishing. It was incredibly inspiring to see nearly 4000 young and not-so-young ladies of all shapes and sizes gather to celebrate community and wellness and girl-power. Can't wait to share more experiences like this with my Three Little Diggs.

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