Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summery Summary

Have I forgotten about the Mountain? Kinda.

You'd think that nearly three months of extreme underemployment would leave me with time to tell you all of the fun things one can do while not carrying 18 college credit hours or working for a substandard wage 60 hours a week. But, not really. Walking to and from the refrigerator between attempts at networking really wears a gal down.

I have kept my usual insane workout regimen, but that, of course, consumes only the wee hours of the morning so as not to interrupt the eight stressful hours of worrying that I have assigned myself each day. A girl's gotta set goals in order to meet them, right?

Actually, after countless weeks of only whispers of hope for a full time job, I finally feel like a couple of opportunities are ready to fall into my lap. If I don't have a photo of a champagne toast by Tuesday, check my house for a sad puddle of goo wearing a vintage hat.

Really, a jillion other reasonably entertaining things have been going on around these parts. And blogging about them has even crossed my mind once or twice. Today I was rear-ended while sitting at an intersection. Yesterday I donned my workout shorts inside-out at the gym. The kids are working on a duct tape venture that proves the whole creativity-is-borne-of-boredom theory. Outdoor temperatures in Kansas City have been consistently in the range of 135 - 198° F for five months straight. My old boyfriend, Trader Joe, moved to the neighborhood a coupla weeks ago. I celebrated my heart surgery-iversary this month.

So now that we're all caught up, maybe I won't be so shy about coming back here and sharing the super fantastic and fun tales that complete my life. Oh...I almost forgot...I took a personality test for one of my job possibilities and learned that I'm an ENFP. Later when I was interviewed by the doctor who proctors the test, she commented that she jokes with her ENFP friends that their journeys are so important to them, they wouldn't know what to do if they made it to their destinations.

Hey...I resemble that comment.

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